It’s Monday again and now that we have all started planning for Christmas, it’s time to focus on the Main Event!

Every year North Star have collected donations from our lovely customers, whether it be monetary, chocolate or toys.  These are given to all of the children and their families to help them through their most difficult time of year.

As things have changed a lot over the last 18 months, we have decided to do something a bit different this year.

We would like to make a one-off financial donation to our selected charity, Demelza House Hospice for Children. To do this, we are going to decorate our very own Demelza House Christmas Giving Tree by way of personalised baubles.

christmas giving tree

From 15 November, you will be able to purchase your unique Christmas Bauble with it’s own number. To donate, simply purchase a bauble for just £2.50 and we will double this donation to £5.00.  Your bauble will sit proudly on our tree until the 22 December, when they will all be placed into our Prize Draw. This will be screened live via our Facebook and Instagram Channels and the winning bauble selected at random, will receive a FREE carpet clean to be used in January 2022.

If you are feeling generous, you can buy as many balls as you like, as this will increase the donation to the Hospice and also maximise your chances of winning!