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Life in the Chair

11 April 2022

By Karen North

So, what does my day start like?

Well first and foremost, most of my job is done from my home office, I usually carry out my first duties with a up of tea to switch my brain on!

Before heading into the office, I usually carry out a bit of preparation cleaning at home (all the usuals!), put on one of my wax warmers to give a burst of scent to invigorate my office and off I go. So I usually have a mindful of ideas that I make lists of on my “to do list” which is made in my work day diary. My intentions are clear but not always successful when problems arise during the day.

I usually check all the emails and respond to clients where I can (sometimes not easy as no phone numbers are given!). Mondays are usually pretty busy on the phone. I often find Fridays are much easier for completing all my admin goals!

I deal with all the company social media platforms (including YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Google and even TikTok!). I am reponsible for advertising and managing the demographics and performance in relation to Google and our SEO marketing. I even create reels on instagram!!! I didn’t even know how to use a reel until last year but they are widely used by a lot of businesses!

My daily tasks include sending out confirmation correspondence to appointments, taking payments, preparation and sending invoices, sending technician’s daily diary on email.

Weekly & Monthly Tasks

Weekly and daily things for me involve liaising with our Staff/Technicians, Being a family business, this is usually straightforward and our team works well together. Even if there is a problem with stock or equipment, I usually work to resolving and replenishing when needed. I also deal with the monthly payroll and HMRC contributions and ensure company annual filing returns and accounting deadlines are met. I usually set a realistic sales target and work out a plan of how best to achieve this, then monitor this week by week. The usual accounting procedures, such as filing annual company returns and
account preparation for corporation tax and company accounts to give to our accountant.

Staff Liaison & Recruitment

I like to motivate and support all of our team. We all work well together in our various roles and I like for everyone to have an input into the business. My responsibility is also to seek out candidates for recruitment and support the apprenticeship programme encouraged by the government. In summary, things do not always flow as planned but it is an ever ongoing and demanding job, which can involve working outside of office hours, even on weekends! So taking some time out away from the business is also very important to recharge your batteries.

Work in the Community & Networking

It’s very important to me that our business helps and supports the local community. As such, I work with charities such as Demelza House and Alzheimers Society. I usually arrange for periodic contributions in the year. For example, we may ask our clients to book an appointment and we donate a contribution from that job to go to that Charity. I have also organised Easter Egg Collections, Christmas Boxes and also recently a Christmas Giving Tree, in which we raised an amazing amount for Demelza House.

I also network with mums across UK and Europe, some of which are Kent based. Some of the groups that I belong to are MIBA (Mums in Business International), Sevenoaks Mums, Sittingbourne Mums, Tonbridge Mums, Mums Network. We help each other in business and refer our businesses to people who need various different services. For any social media links or networking, you can contact me on 01795 511945 or message direct at:

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