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One 2 One Rule & Staff Training / Qualifications

09 July 2024

By Karen North

As an advanced member of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association), we operate on a one to one rule. This means that all of our technicians undergo specific training and examinations to qualify to work in your homes and businesses. 

It is important to remember that the idea of the One to One Rule is to ensure that everyone working in our business cleaning carpets and soft furnishings, has at least some basic knowledge of their trade.

If it is our policy and responsibility to send employees on training programmes. The more training our staff receive the greater their contribution to our business. 

Who does the rule apply to?
The rule applies to all full-time or part-time employees, who either clean carpets or upholstery or proactively assist in cleaning carpets or upholstery.

Our business must be able to offer evidence that our technicians have at the very least attended and received a certificate of attendance from a training courses. Ideally, they will have attended either the NCCA two day training course or an IICRC course, however evidence that they have attended a recognised course organised by an NCCA Associate member, involved in supply for carpet and upholstery cleaning, or other industry recognised organisation will be sufficient. 

We require all of our employees to complete a knowledge paper obtainable set the NCCA. This is made to the cost of our business along with any relevant training fees and expenses. 

We also actively hold an advanced membership status licence no. 1068.

WARNING: If someone tells you that they are trained by the NCCA always ask for evidence of the certificate, as shown below. Being trained and being certificated are two very different things.

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