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Specialist Rug Cleaning

Although similar to carpets, rugs more complicated process, due to the structure, depth and density of the pile, which makes pre vacuuming a much more important factor.  Some deep pile wool rugs, can even been worked on utilising a rotary machine to get even deeper down resulting in a better finish.  Silk rugs are very similar to silk curtains, using the dry solvent solution and are also only treated by hand.

If you have any issues regarding how to remove stains from your rugs, pleas feel free to contact us for advice before attempting to self clean as most permanent stains occur prior to the customer contacting us.  Most importantly, the general rule is not to wet silk as this will corrupt the pile and will be unrestorable. Generally, all rugs are treated on site, depending on size, but for a small charge we are happy to take these away and return them back to your home within 7-10 days. This service is available on request.

Our team cover the following areas, and in between. If you need your carpet cleaned or a cleaning service, why not get in-touch?