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06 April 2023

By Karen North

These types of cleans where we mean “bio hazard” are usually some kind of body fluid.  Here are just some typical examples of what is classed as a specialized clean:-

  • Death, suicide
  • Blood borne pathogens (e.g.  burst vein or childbirth)
  • Viral and bacterial illness (such as Covid)
  • Faeces and urine incontinence
  • Flood water (disaster restoration)
  • Sewage backups and overflow

Unbelievably, we have covered everything on the above list at some point over the years!

Our Technicians and staff have been trained in infection control during the covid pandemic and have certification of same.  We have also been trained by Prochem Europe, NCCA, Ashbys to name a few cleaning experts in our field, where we have been given certification.  Our expertise and knowledge in this field can assist families when dealing with burden of cleaning up a trauma related scene. We use approved chemicals and protection equipment to detect, sanitise, clean and deodourise all bio hazardous waste. 

Additionally, we can provide a fogging service in extreme cases, to completely eliminate any trace of hazardous material, making every effort to eliminate any reminder of the unforeseen event and to make it safe for you to return to a safe and healthy environment.

It may be worth checking your house insurance policy to see if you are covered by all risks and accidental damage for this type of cleaning, as it is specialist and not the normal every day clean.

We will make every endeavour to work closely with you, communicating with you at every stage, to ensure that your home is restored back to its original state.  We understand that this can be a very difficult and distressing time and will be sensitive to your needs. 

To find out more about this or if you have any questions regarding suspected bio hazards, please get in touch with us at the office on 01795 511945/01634 926322 or you can directly WhatsApp us on 07976 015531.

Contact us here.

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